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Download QA Disk Repair
File Size: 3.44 Mb
  QA Disk Repair offers an easy way to recover files and documents from corrupted partitions and damaged hard disks, even if they are inaccessible or do not appear as a drive letter in Windows.
Download QA File Fix
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  QA File Fix undeletes erased files and folders in a few easy steps.

Disk Repair Software 10.x

Disk Repair Software 10.x

Publisher:Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Requirements:Pentium Processor, 64 MB RAM, 3MB disk space.
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Disk Repair Software - Hard disk repair, bad sector, logical bad sector repair tool, disk repair utility, free bad sector removal software, floppy disk repair software, hard disk utility, Track 0 Bad Disks, bad-sector repair utility, partition repair, hard disk recovery, hard drive repair, hdd repair, remove bad sectors, media repairing software tool, disk repair recovery india.

Hard disk drive bad sector repair and removal software tool, bad sectors recovery utility software.

Disk Repair is a utility to remove/repairs logically formed bad sectors from Hard Disks and Floppy Disks.

Disk Repair is a logical bad sector removal and repair software that removes the logical bad sectors and repairs "Track 0 Bad Disks". Bad sectors are a major problem in hard disks, which are found to be mainly logical in nature. Computer companies usually have to replace the hard disk. Most often bad sectors spread and corrupt Track 0 of the disk due to which it doesn't get formatted, O/S doesn't get installed or copying data gives error.

List of Changes:

Version 10.x from 2004-10-25


Hard disk drive bad sector repair and removal

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File Size: 34.9 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Ma Lik70 2011-08-29 17:20:17 #
Version: 10.x

heloo sir
i download this softwere to run in doss(cmd) but
ur soft were dos not work in doss(cmd) it's use less for mee,
u have a nice working softwere butt i need for a doss boot softwere

and thanks for softwere

MEshousha 2011-04-30 11:20:15 #
Version: 10.x


I am thinking itæs a nice software to all the sector of the hdd and other parts

Okyadav54 2011-03-06 03:58:05 #
Version: 10.x

i think its a nice software to all the sector of the hdd and other parts.

Simonhulzinga 2010-12-15 09:47:11 #
Version: 10.x

wonderfull good program. it fixes all problems

Amitpatil770 2010-10-13 04:18:17 #
Version: 10.x

my harddisk is not format completely and co. says that hd is out of warrnty but i purchase the hd and other parts assemble pc but from where i purchase hd they refusing to give replacement of hd when i purchase(27/10/2005) hd on the bill dealer give assurence by writting warrenty of hd is 5 yrs. then what do can disk is rapairable if it can repairble then how cost of repairing or it can be repair by software
i having trouble for that plese help me my is 9822653781

Heshamollah 2010-10-13 02:11:56 #
Version: 10.x

How canI remome bad sectors through your software?

I tried yours it only removed bad sectors from my floppy drive

how to remove dab sectors from my c drrive?

Raselsub 2010-10-04 01:38:54 #
Version: 10.x

My HDD is samsung 160gb SATA.It can'nt be fomat low lavel format.I think this is physical bad sector problem. Pls. help me.I am a person third world country. so, provide me free of cost.Thank You

Dhaumesser 2010-09-27 09:59:28 #
Version: 10.x

This is a fantastic program, and works as promised! I did try to repair my disk, but it just had too many bad sectors. I will recommend this program to anyone who is looking for help with a disk repair. Thanks QArchive! I appreciate you!!
Wes H.
Texas USA

Jimbarnes8 2010-08-14 10:14:45 #
Version: 10.x

Hard drive was not recognized, assumed to be dead/damaged hardware.

Fjvan 2010-08-02 09:31:19 #
Version: 10.x

If I remember correctly, your software is not compatible with Windows 7. If I am mistaken then I will try again.

Wesley Luc 2010-07-16 14:11:08 #
Version: 10.x

Handy software, as we still use floppies for legacy equipment. The track 0 on floppies is a notorious troublemaker and prevents the disk from being formatted. Disk Repair software solves this problem quite well. Have not used if for hard drive repairs though, hence can not comment on its abilities, but I'm sure it will do fine too.

Shaileshkum16 2010-07-13 01:05:18 #
Version: 10.x

my hard disk partitions not detect

Ruvaid Shah 2010-06-29 00:04:10 #
Version: 10.x

MY HDD is not working well after one hour of Windows installation. Plz send me best solution for this problem.

Raeesmd2003 2010-06-13 01:41:31 #
Version: 10.x

my hard disk is 500gb samsung
suddenly my hardisk is loading very slow
after i formated my c partition , but icannot new xp os , some times shows hard dis damaged or manually repair.... then formatin see the 4 partition. but icannot getin loadin.... i wanted more details... D&f partition partion very important i wanted that backup ... what an ido

P Langella 2010-05-11 04:28:21 #
Version: 10.x

I download it but didn't try beacuse I needed only to check and used chkdsk command.

VICTORELSTAD 2010-05-09 19:58:50 #
Version: 10.x

i have a 64 bit only works on 32 bit
victor elstad

Mornet Villet 2010-04-22 01:37:01 #
Version: 10.x

I does not recognise/find my C drive.
Why ?

Tatoksaptohari1 2010-04-18 09:24:09 #
Version: 10.x

why physical bad sector can not be repaired? please help me

Srinivas 8085 2010-03-19 07:12:02 #
Version: 10.x

Hi Thank you for providing disk repair software.It done so well for me. I hope you will continue to help users in solving software problems. Remind me whenever a new tool come.

Aravindckr 2009-12-09 08:49:39 #
Version: 10.x

hey i tried it but it is not working......
the actual prob is, when i tried to format my pen drive it said 'track 0 disk unusable' so i tried your software. But no use, if there is a
solution for my prob please reply....

Vakauria009 2009-11-30 22:25:52 #
Version: 10.x

The problem in my country all hard disk fail every 7 month.
No one in my country can repair them. my field is Electronics Technician. I want to know about repairing Harf Disk Sata and IDE and Notebook HDD also
Pls could you pls to help me so that i can repair them and solve the problem in my country.

Thank you very much indeed

Mrs Vaikie Katane

Godhen 2009-10-30 01:06:45 #
Version: 10.x

Thanks, for that software.

Berkai 2009-10-25 06:28:29 #
Version: 10.x

WAs not what i was looking for so i did not,
use the program and there for i can not give a good review of it.
thank you anyway.

Chaoticcreep 2009-10-07 14:21:04 #
Version: 10.x

Couldn't open the file since I had no software to use .iso

Morlet 2009-09-29 14:32:21 #
Version: 10.x

While using WinExplorer, when I wanted to list the contents of a given folder I always received a message that asked if I wanted to FORMAT the disk (really scary). I downloaded Disk Repair Software and launched it. After displaying a list of errors it asked if I wanted to correct the errors. I agreed and now the subject directory is available again. Thank you guys !!! Eric Morlet

Papymouzot 2009-09-18 06:40:29 #
Version: 10.x

well, could not really test as the software didn't recognise my HD..

Windows sees it, but RS 10.0 doesn't..

Tortu Doom 2009-09-16 16:00:24 #
Version: 10.x

Greetings, yesterday a test to a hard disk drive was completed, but it returned 0 errors. The initial problem was that the hard drive had bad sector errors that made the OS crash eventually, even after format. The software was tested on a DELL Inspiron 1520, on a SATA harddisk, that comes with Windows Vista Home Edition. I used the evaluation (demo) version provided for download on this website.

Majid Akds 2009-09-09 00:23:20 #
Version: 10.x

hi am majid from H M Enterprises..we are in to computer sales and service& computer rentals from last 8-10 year,regularly we will be having the problem with hard drives,some times anable to repair it...we need a software in which a hard drives repaired,need a latest version and a powerfull software...
Thanking you
For H M Enterprises

Vikram4u89 2009-09-02 08:46:54 #
Version: 10.x

yes i downloaded the software dut it wasn't usable because my data was in in the dvd that data had the bad sector. which was not allowed to copy data from dvd to pc when used this software i was not able to retrive the data out of bad scetor. so plz can recommend me how to get corrupted data back with this software or any other

Andysuhandana 2009-08-06 20:29:13 #
Version: 10.x

thanks mate, about your software that i've tried couple days ago, i would like to inform you,that software make me confuse, i had a hard disk in a bad condition,and then i tried to fix,but the result was unbelievable,disk was clean, and then after, i plug it on my laptop, the hard disk was not detected,why it should be happened,
any solution, please send me e-mail
thank you

best regard

Yasirmah 2009-07-27 13:30:44 #
Version: 10.x

The worst software i ever know.....
no support for SATA drives....

Asifkhurshid486 2009-05-29 10:02:34 #
Version: 10.x

i have not try it, but going to try it after some days, if you have free version of bad secter remover then inform me plz.

Avillayv 2009-05-24 17:30:03 #
Version: 10.x


I aprecite, but my damage disk is not recognized by hardware, I feel is a hard problem and your software can't do anyrhing.

Rbn Life 2009-05-03 05:00:06 #
Version: 10.x

hard to use, doesen't detected my hdd...

Beyonwiz2008 2009-04-28 05:20:47 #
Version: 10.x

this disk repair killd my hdd ,so i am not happy with it .

Abolfazlsoltan63 2009-04-05 06:29:51 #
Version: 10.x

it's good.
but that can't repair logical bad sector in hard disk drive.
if you have any program to do this , i need to that.
since my hard drive have logical bad sector.

Ivartr 2009-04-02 12:13:31 #
Version: 10.x

It didn't help me because the disk had physical defect, which could not be repaired by this software.

LEO 2009-03-17 00:23:28 #
Version: 10.x

Very good program and simple program.

I'm fine...

Araien.raoof 2008-07-23 15:04:12 #
Version: 10.x

good one

I like this tool send me user manual if you can thank you!

gurusimha 2008-04-23 01:45:11 #
Version: 10.x

Hdd repair.

I have used the software on trial basis. Found the software fine. I would like to buy for my use.

phoerien 2007-12-20 12:31:56 #
Version: 10.x

Good Software Utility

Good utility Tools for Hard disk repair, bad sector, logical bad sector repair tool, disk repair utility, free bad sector removal software, floppy disk repair software, hard disk utility, Track 0 Bad Disks, bad-sector repair utility, partition repair, hard disk recovery.

Rogerps1 2007-11-06 05:12:15 #
Version: 10.x

No USB function

The software looks great but I could not use it as my problem is a 2.5" laptop drive that is inserted into a External USB enclosure and this software does not see it as a drive.

Kenneth D'Cunha (Aim 2007-09-03 01:37:20 #
Version: 10.x

I had a problem of Bad Sector in HDD !!!

By running this program I was able to rectify atleast the place where my HDD consist the Bad cluster.
Now I am still on work to cure this problem. If I do so I will definetely reply back.

Efrain 2007-06-04 20:50:44 #
Version: 10.x

I can´t use it

The software, don´t detect the hard disk, like others.

Subir 2006-12-13 01:30:27 #
Version: 10.x


Please give some details how to run the download file ie. *.iso.
I cant run the *.iso file in my computer.

g banks 2006-11-20 15:31:10 #
Version: 10.x

not very good

this did not work on my computer

om 2006-11-07 12:19:59 #
Version: 10.x

first time user

i am first time user of this kind software.
with the help of google serch eng. i found free downloads software.
i use this free download software and then say to other.

Robert Jolley 2006-07-13 14:52:35 #
Version: 10.x

need work

It dose not allow me to do anything but go up and down from Floppy to alert sorry need a lot of work. 1 out of 10= 1 only

Download Now
File Size: 34.9 Kb